Saturday, March 7, 2009

the patio project, an update

This is the year I've decided to make Southern California my home. Not just a place I live (and complain about). (A lot.) (Seriously, a girl can only be asked so many times if she speaks English or if her son is her's before getting snippy.) (But I digress.)

This is the year I am putting down our roots here as a family. One of the ways I wanted to start was by making our patio more usable. Before, the patio was bare, cold, cement gray, damp, and just a place for storage. I had the remnants of a dead tree that I tried to keep last year, a few old boxes, a pinata from Diego's 1st get the idea. We wouldn't just sit and enjoy the pleasant weather or listen to the hummingbirds chirping angrily or watch the streaks of sun on the apartments next door. I wanted to have a space we would enjoy, and visiting my family in Florida earlier this year made me yearn for a patio Diego would love, too. He LOVED my Tia's patio. I mean, REALLY. Would have never gone inside if he didn't have to.

(D enjoying the cool bricks and damp greens)

My plan to change this patio into a part of our home was threefold:

1. Go green!
2. Muddy tables
3. Time.

First on my list was to get more plants. Plants that would enjoy the shade, relish in the deep gray hues. At the local garden store we bought a fluffy fern, a tall clivia, a gold dust plant, and some caladium bulbs Diego and I could plant together. I also got a big watering pail and a tiny one just for Diego.

(l-r: clivia, gold dust, fern)

Second! Muddy tables!! I mean a pouring table, or a sand and water table, for Diego. I found a great deal on a barely used table on craigslist and it, too, came to live on our patio.

(splish splash)

Time. It took an actual effort at first to just force myself out onto the patio with Diego, to look at the birds or blow bubbles. Now that we have plants of our own to water and a pouring table to dig and pour into? It's really changed the space.

Now we're on the patio daily. Diego totally loves it. He helps me water the plants every chance he can, and would water them every day if I let him. He is so sweet with the plants, too. Yesterday he even gave the fern a kiss when we were out there saying hello. Oi vey. Now we can sit and enjoy the sunny days, of which there are many, and even the few cloudy days we've been graced with. The space is full of life and love and I feel more at home on there now than ever before. Here's a little tour.

(let's go outside)

(a place to sit and a place to splash)

(our little green friends)

Question of the day:
So how have you made your space more personal this year?


Court said...

Oooh I love it and man what a huge patio you have! We actually went on a flower shopping spree too. It was so much fun and I love the tulips we got. Ah. Tulips.

Court said...

By the way did I miss the first post on the patio?

Maria Rose said...

Wow, that looks great! Good job.

MaryP said...

That's beautiful! What a nice space!

You know, after a year spent tailoring my daughter's room to her specifications (she painted, I made new blinds, we hired a carpenter to make her a funky bed), and now that I've hired the same fellow to help my son (19) expand his basement bedroom... After all that, it occurred to me that I haven't made one SINGLE change to my own bedroom since we moved here five years ago.

So. This spring? A new coat of paint and a new comforter, at least! After that, we'll see what time (and money) allow. It's about time.

bobeesah said...

@court- I think I mentioned fixing up the patio in my florida post. It was a small mention, or maybe I'm going crazy and making that up. Hmmm... And the patio is a great size, I love it. I want to see pictures of your tulips! Love them, too.

@maria- Thanks!

@maryp- Isn't it always that way? I have Diego's room all set up and comfortable and our room? Still holding boxes and storage of all items we don't really use. We're renting but we still painted one wall a dark tan color and it really makes the whole room warmer. Good luck with the painting!