Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wish I could.....

1. Sleep. For eight to ten blissfully uneventful, uninterrupted hours. Oh, dream within a dream. Sigh.

2. Get over this head cold.

3. Help Diego get over his, too.

4. Learn to meditate. I figure it's good for de-stressing, right?

5. Enjoy all the messiness and joy of the moment. And there has been both and they have been great and horrible. (But, in the end, mostly pretty great.)

6. Sing opera. Ok, if not sing, then maybe just enjoy it more often.

7. Go back to Spain. If only for the foooood. Oh, YUMMM...drool.

8. Be in a small town musical. I liked being in musicals in high school, especially the small roles with only one or two lines. I could still dress up and play pretend, but didn't have to stress about anything else. Fun, fun.

9. Eat something delicious. Thinking about Spain has made me hungry.

What do you wish you could do?


Maria Rose said...

I wish I could talk to animals.

Court said...

Make pickles.