Thursday, April 30, 2009

red parasol

Diego insisted we go for a walk with my red parasol and just loved every step. It was a warm, sunny day and the parasol was good cover for the little dude. Anyhow. I thought I'd explain the new header. I just loved the way the light was shining through the lace. Hope you do, too.

Happy red parasol day everyone!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

grateful saturdays

We headed over to Scott and Elena's place today for the grand opening of the "Man-tuary" and inside Girl's afternoon/evening fun. Their garage was open and ready for poker and dart-playing fun, complete with radio, comfortable couch and plenty of fried and tasty snacks. We girls headed inside and chatted about babies and pregnancy (since a lot of ladies are pregnant!) and the boys. Really everyone was up and around everywhere, it was nice to watch the boys play and egg each other on and then go back inside to watch the little kids (whose numbers are, wonderfully, growing) learning how to play with each other. (Which was adorable. They even ended up giving each other hugs when they said good-bye. D's been on a huge hugging streak lately, too. He's already so incredibly sweet.)

It's exciting to see Diego play with our growing group of friends, and it's exciting for me to feel our circle of friends and families grow, too. I feel very blessed to see both.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

To D:

You won't remember this day. The light shinning too bright and brilliant through the trees. The cool grass we lay on while we sang The Itsy Bitsty Spider. And you won't remember how you got up and then hugged me, laying on top of me while I kept singing the ABCs and This Old Man, your head on my heart and your heart beating so near. I wish you would, because I will try and remember that feeling forever, of you resting on me and me resting, too, singing in the afternoon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter egg fun

There were the eggs, "hiding" in the bushes and brightly littering the ground. Here was his bucket, since the basket couldn't be found. And there was D, literally pushing the door open and grabbing eggs off the ground like they were calling out to him. Maybe I should have hidden them in a less obvious place. But, seriously, he walked around like he had been collecting Easter eggs for years, gathered them all together and put them all in his basket, signed "All Done" and motioned for us to open the door so we could all go inside. Three minutes, tops. He found one or two M&Ms in one egg and then opened all of them for the others, enjoying every single nibble. I think he enjoyed himself.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

images of san onofre, or, rather, the sandy boy who played there

Listening to the wind-up radio.

Found the yellow bunny.

Wish I had taken more ocean pics.

Tired. Need nap.

Sliding down a surf board.

We had a beautiful day yesterday. There were babies and toddlers and kids of all ages reveling in the hot sun and rocky beach. Diego and his new friends pulled sea weed and rocks and shells out of the ocean and then tossed them back in, "to feed the fishies." And the rocks were smooth and glittering in the foamy waves, filled with color and hue. We stood and watched the tiny waves, blocked by the cay, and saw not only the gleaming sun sparkle off the water but dozens of dolphins and a pair of seals. We stayed until the sun began to set and we had devoured at least two s'mores and a certain toddler started to spread out on the ground to sleep. We pulled off dusty and damp clothes and shaked off dusty shoes and packed in to the car for the sun set and the ride home through the night.

Friday, April 3, 2009

book binge

book binge

Did you know that April is Book Binge month? I didn't. That is, until I read It's Not All Mary Poppins. As I have way too many books in my To Be Read pile, I've decided to go for it! You should, too. Click on the link above for the rules and such and get to reading, peeps!