Thursday, October 23, 2008

the balloons in Albuquerque

The flight to ABQ was great. Little D did a great job sitting in our laps, playing with random books, straws, and sometimes even a toy or two that I brought on. His favorite past time on planes so far? Flirting with people. My usually cautious introvert blooms and reaches out from people left and right. Especially hilarious when the person he's reaching out for is asleep or otherwise preoccupied and then he pokes them before I have a chance to pull little fingers away. *

The night we arrived we went to something called the Glow, which was a jumble of people, food, balloons firing up, fireworks and cold, cold air. Diego, for a kid who had only had one nap that day and was awake WAY passed his bedtime, had a great time. He sat peacefully in the sling and watched his older cousins dance around, quiet and happy to sit and look.

We got to my cousin's home that night and literally woke up a few hours later for the very, very early jump on the ballooning day. 4 a.m. is NO time to wake up. Little D didn't. I changed him all ninja like under the blankets so I would wake him, wrapped him in a blanket, and placed the very awake, very pissed off crying bundle in the car for the short ride to the fair grounds. Then wrapped in at least 19 layers of clothing and bundled in the sling we walked around watching the balloons unfurl and wave, shiver and grow. Poor D fell asleep for most of the morning, tired from the day of traveling and miserable in the cold air.

Things I've learned from the Balloon Fiesta:
1. Little D does NOT like being cold.
2. Hot chocolates and breakfast burritos are delicious when freezing.

The rest of the weekend the balloons were grounded due to bad weather and strong winds. So we hung out with the family instead. I've decided that we're going to go back and live in Explora, the science center, so if you have never been you should go now. I loved it there, D loved it there, it was filled with sunlight and exhibits that any kid, from one to 145 would love.

We had a fabulous time (thank you family!) and had a hard time coming back to the more expensive, more crowded Orange County, especially after seeing D grow as he followed his older cousins around. I would love to live closer to family. I would love to be able to one day afford a house. But here we are, making the best of our time in the ever-sunny south O.C.

*Sorry to the lady in aisle 17, sitting by the window. D just loved the polka dots on your shirt.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Year: One

A year ago yesterday in the early morning hours, Diego was born. He was tiny and pink (and later orange due to jaundice) and crying out with deep breathes and strong lungs. His hair was plastered tight to his head and his brow furrowed as he looked around at what felt like dozens of people in the OR. I remember his serious gaze when I held him in the recovery area, smelling him in for the very first time. I remember how small he was bundled in the hospital blanket. We were in the hospital for four very long days and couldn't wait to get out, see the sun, take our baby boy home. He wore a striped body suit with dinosaur paw prints on the feet. He slept in our arms and ate and slept in the bassinet and yawned and grew in leaps and bounds.

Now? He's walking and babbling and teething like mad. He loves the cat and walks around trying to hug her. He hands me book after book to read, then pops on the ground to sit and listen. (His favorite right now is Dinosaur Roar.) We sing together now, too. Both of us making the movements for Wheels On The Bus or Itsy Bitsy Spider. He loves the bucket swing and climbing the stairs at the park. He's trying to go down the steps now, standing up. He'll look up at me, then down at the step, and then reaches up to grab my hands. I love holding his little hands. And he laughs. Giggles and chuckles. My smiling boy.

When I hold him, his legs sprawl out of my arms, too long to hold all of him anymore. He sprawls when I lay him down in his crib and I can see the young man he will be way too soon.

Happy Birthday Baby