Thursday, June 11, 2009

my 28th birthday, a recap:

good: It was my birthday!

bad: I threw up all over the living room the night before.

good: Jim took the day off to be with me and Diego. Which was wonderful...

bad: Because Diego then threw up all over the breakfast table in the morning.

good: It was the only time he threw up. Yay!

bad: And then Jim had to leave to drive up to LAX (L.A. airport) to pick up a friend.

good: We had a friend visiting for a few days.

bad: Diego had a fever and was incredibly fussy and sad all day long.

good: Jim came home with a chocolate milkshake.

bad: More fever and clingyness all day.

good: Jim made me this delicious chocolate strawberry cake.

bad: I was exhausted all day and worried so much about Diego that I forgot to eat more than a bowl of cheerios.

good: Jim got me this beautiful hummingbird feeder/mobile (pictures when it's all set up) that I absolutely love. It's gorgeous.

good: I got to talk with my Mom and Step Dad in Costa Rica.

good: And my Tia and family in Florida.

good: Jim is a wonderful, caring, fantastic hubby. Sigh. I'm really, really lucky to have him.

good: The day ended. D's much better now, but still has moods of fussy and tired, but I think he's also growing/teething/just wants to. And, seriously, he's such a sweet little guy that even when he's feverish and feeling like poop, he still gives me hugs and laughs when I "pull" shoes from his ears.