Saturday, March 14, 2009

a letter to sleep

Dear Sleep,

Why did you have to leave? Did I do something wrong? It WAS me, wasn't it?

I can't help it, I miss you. I miss reveling in the hours of sleep I could grab and hold and pull up around me all night long. I miss sleeping during rainy days simply because I was tired with the day and the rain sounded so nice, softly, gently tapping on my windows and padding down the street.

Remember the good naps? The hours upon hours of sleep, through the night and into the next morning? Don't they mean anything to you? Because...they meant a lot to me.

Please come back. I miss you.



Court said...

Pobrecita. I would suggest: vicodin. Or whatever sleep aid that helps you best. I do hope you get some zzz's soon. You sounded so tired earlier, poor thing.

Maria Rose said...

Gentle yoga, followed by meditation helps me sometimes.

bobeesah said...

Oh, if left to my own, I would sleep for Hours up Hours. Blissfully, too. It's the toddler and the cold and the growing that keeps us awake, alas. But I like the idea of yoga and meditation, Maria Rose!