Friday, January 23, 2009

meal planning change

I've been wanting some change lately. Something about the new year and the need for resolutions always puts me in the mood for change. Healthy change! What I always fail at doing, though, is going beyond reading about what I COULD do and actually do it. Then I found this great post over at Aprovechar and felt like I could really do this. Step Two in the Year of Self-Care is weekly meal planning, and last weekend that's exactly what I did.

My meals this week:

spinach omlettes
whole wheat quesadillas with baked chicken
halibut with assorted veg

blueberry waffles, fresh blueberries
homemade butternut squash soup
pot roast with mashed potatoes

oatmeal, fruit
veggie pancakes
spinach and mozarella ravioli

veggie omlette
roasted chicken with veg
homemade veggie pizza

scrambled eggs
chicken and veg quesadilla
leftover ravioli

This isn't everything on our plates, to be sure, there are bits of fruit I just pick and choose from the fridge for almost every lunch and snacks in between. It's just nice to know that I can open the fridge at any given moment and know exactly what I'm going to make, but also know that there are delicious leftovers if I don't feel like making something new. And Diego is totally loving the new food and the new change. This is just the first week, I know that, but it feels really good to be doing something better for us, all three of us. Hopefully we'll see some significant improvements in our budget, diet, lifestyles.

My goal for the next few weeks?
Pick a meal a week from a different culture around the world.
Eat at two to three vegetarian meals a week.
Make more homemade soup. Yum.
Start thinking more about local food. It's something I've been hearing about/reading about and I would love to learn more.

What about you guys? Planning on changing your diets this year?


Maria Rose said...

Well, I am not changing my diet, but I am working to have the whole week of food planned out in advance. Keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Veronica TM said...

that is a wonderful plan! food is something i have to work harder at this year. thank you for inspiring me!

purl_princess said...

Great meal plan. I do this too--I find it saves so much time and money by the end of the week because I'm not buying a whole bunch of stuff I don't need.

Court said...

Yup I'm on the great banish salt kick. Still twitching over it.