Tuesday, November 25, 2008

zoo rhymes with shoe

Some lovely friends joined our little family at the San Diego Zoo this past weekend. The day was perfect, somewhat cool but bright and sunny nonetheless. I thought Diego would enjoy looking at all the large and moving animals (as opposed to the pictures in his books?) but I believe the man sweeping up after the messy crowds held more of his attention than anything else that day. Besides the grills and manhole covers, that is.

(exhibit A. grill, pretzel, no shoes)

You'll notice he's not wearing shoes. Yeah...about that...so we were in one of the enclosed aviaries settled on a bridge looking at all the GREEN! and...more GREEN! Jim and I chatted on about something and Diego had managed to put his foot through the wires on the bridge. The wires that were keeping him from falling 30 feet. (I am a horrible Mom, I know. To my credit, I was holding onto him and there was no way he could fall. Just didn't notice his foot creeping out over the edge.) When he pulled his foot back off popped his shoe and it fell with a soft hush onto the green ground below. There was nothing we could do and no one there to ask to help, so we had to walk away, as we did Diego kept pointing backwards furrowed brow all creased. I told him his shoe was gone and we had to say good-bye. He actually waved good-bye as we left the aviary. Managing to let go to the little blue shoe faster than his Momma could.

(exhibit B. on the evil bridge that stole my baby's shoe)


Maria Rose said...

That is adorable that he waved goodbye to his shoe!

Court said...

Kaiya always waves good-bye so long after the time to. It's like she doesn't want to wave until, well, the thing or person has actualy gone bye bye. Makes sense to me.

outside voice said...

Awwww, sorry about the shoe (but the picture with the pretzel and no shoes is worth a thousand cuteness points).

Allison Says said...

Ah! That is pretty hilarious about the shoes...and also sad :( And also really cute that he waved goodbye!