Saturday, November 15, 2008

letter to the ever-sunny SoCal weather:

Dear local weather,

First off, let me say, big fan! Big. Really.

But...can we lay off the sun a bit? I mean, it's NOVEMBER and there are 80 degree days ahead? Is this some sort of cruel joke? How many sunny, blue, and very warm days can a girl take before she wants to hit herself over the head with a frozen bag of peas just to feel a little cold?? I like long sleeves. I really love scarves. I would LOVE it if you could know? Change. For ONCE. They're called "seasons." I believe the song says they "change." Or is that turn?...Whatever. Please, please give us at least a few days of "winter" here. Heck. I'd settle for fall.

Dreaming of a slightly chilly holiday season,


If this is you, Global Warming....Not cool, Dude....Not Cool.


Court said...

maybe you should come back to TEXAS where it is, um, freezing right now. wait a second, that sentence didn't quite go as planned...

Maria Rose said...

I couldn't agree more. We were teased with one day of snow followed up by 70 degree weather!