Saturday, November 29, 2008

brought to you by the letter 'M'

So Alison Says and my BFF Court from Kiaya's Laughter Heals both had a meme listing 10 things you loved, starting with the same letter. I asked them for a letter (and you can get your own, too! Just ask.) My letter from both of them is the letter 'm' so here are my 10 favorite m-things.

1. My Monkey.

2. Magic Puppets and The Mysterious Ticking Noise.

3. Movies, usually really horrible girlie fantasy tinged romance induced crying comas, ok, not really. Twilight, Lost in Translation, Pride and Prejudice, Zoolander, Amelie, Love Actually, Howl's Moving Castle, there are a lot of them I really enjoy.

4. My Mom. (Oh Dear. At NUMBER 4?! Well, obviously, this isn't in any order whatsoever.) I love my Mom and love her more now that I have my own monster, I mean, beautiful lovely child. The fact that she raised two kids on her own amazes me. The fact that she didn't go absolutely bonkers amazes me more.

5. Marriage. What can I say? I love Jim. Doesn't hurt that he makes me breakfast almost every morning. I'm a sucker for a man who cooks.

6. Various mythical beasts. Manticores, dragons, unicorns, you know what I mean.

7. Maps. I used to look at a map of the world and point out places I wanted to visit. I still do. It's a little closer these days, but traveling is still one of my life's goals.

8. Mermaids. When I was younger I would wish on every shooting star I saw that I would become a mermaid. I blame the movie Splash. And the Little Mermaid. Which I can still sing along to and do.

9. Mini versions of my favorite animals. Like pygmy hippos. Totally adorable.

10. Music. I have weird, eclectic taste in music. Anything from Moonlight Sonata to Miles Davis and Manu Chao. This video (Salmon Dance by the Chemical Brothers) gets in my head and stays there, and it's educational! I'd be willing to send a CD of some of my favorite tunes to one lucky person, picked at random, who comments with their own favorite song. If you want your own letter, just ask. So comment away, people!


Maria Rose said...

Oh yes. I looove Splash. I really wanted to be a mermaid too.

outside voice said...

These are GREAT! Cool list!

Court said...

Yes I agree with the hubby cooking one. It is always better when a man can cook and lick... hehe..

bobeesah said...

maria rose-mermaids forevah!

outside voice-hey, thanks.

court-you are so naughty! how dare you be naughty online! what has this world come to?

And the WINNER of a random, eclectic CD of music is...

OUTSIDE VOICE! So, if you really want a CD you can email me

elisavj (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Anyone else can have one, too. :)