Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hi there! How are ya?

I spent the day waiting. Waiting for the rocking chair we ordered. Waiting for phone calls. And the BIG WAIT-Waiting for the baby to decide he wants out. Sure we're only two days overdue, no big deal; but we're scheduled to be induced on Thursday so I would love it if the little guy decided to speed things up naturally before then.

How I've tried to lure the baby out:

-bouncing on the exercise ball
-visualizing my body expanding and opening up

Kind of gross, right? The only bad thing about visualizing the birth is that it usually ends with a cartoon like explosion. It doesn't help that Jim adds sound effects. Eh, makes me laugh at least, and I can use that. It's better than worrying that the baby isn't moving enough, or that my low amniotic fluid levels will lead to complications during the actual birth, or the fact that we're having a baby this week! People! I only have a few more days to worry about him inside before he comes out and I start the worry from the outside! haha

If you've been pregnant yourself you'll see all the worry that's heaped on you by books, friends, family or even random strangers on the street. It can be hard to shrug it off when everyone and everything is telling you to be afraid of, well, everything. I've done a good job ignoring most of the craziness, but my own worrying is still there. My goal for the next few days? I need to relax.

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