Sunday, October 28, 2007

he laughs!

I was sitting here marveling at my ability to breastfeed and still have both hands to type when the little guy finished and I could unwind my legs from their crazy contortions. Yay to me, though, right? Very proud of myself right now.

Anyhow, there he was laying in my lap, sleeping the sleep of the full stomach baby-you know the one-open mouth drooling, breathing deep, arms akimbo-and he laughed! As in "heh-heh-heh." It wasn't all too audible but there was a huge grin on his face and a slight escape of breath. I am amazed! He laughs!
And the laughing is much better than the all-night grunting. Is it gas, I wonder? Whatever it is I find myself awake and sitting up, away from the cozy covers of the bed way too often to find him still asleep and not ready for feeding. Two hours of sleep only to wake up to find him and the DH still asleep? Ugh. Is it sad that I'm learning to love three hour stretches of sleep? Mmmm....sleep.

On another note J goes back to work tomorrow. And I officially start my time as a stay at home mommy. Holy poopie diapers, Batman! It's something I knew would come but it still feels too soon to begin. Will I be ok? What'll I do? How does this SAHM-ness work? And WHERE are the other moms around here, because I could use a few mom-friends to share horror stories about exploding diapers and gassy nights. Who else would appreciate hearing about little Rhino's enormous toots and burps? Or celebrate the fact that I got more than 4 hours of sleep in the night?

Will have to search for moms tomorrow. Right now the little Rhino and I are going to pretend to get some sleep. Ok, he'll sleep. I'll just try.

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