Saturday, December 27, 2008

my two lives

(from bo bee sah a few days ago:)

I feel like I've been living two different lives. In my morning life, I wake up to D patting my nose or pushing books into my hands or on my head if I'm not paying enough attention, the little snot. We wake up and change the poop alarm of a diaper, stretch and move into the kitchen to make breakfast. The day goes on, the sun rises, there are naps and books and running and snacks and more books and then D's day winds down.

And then my second life begins. With D asleep I can eat, if I haven't before, and start the homework I would rather ignore. I have been up until one or two in the morning for weeks now and it's so common that I can't seem to sleep any time before. It's tempting to stay up now that my paper is finished, if only to get some things done. Things like reading. How lovely. I suppose I should stow away that second life now that my paper is finished, if only for the holidays. But one in the morning is so crisp, so empty, so quiet.


Maria Rose said...

Two lives, I feel that way too! I have the Maria that works at a professional job and the Maria who is an artist. Weird to feel like two people at once!

Hey, where in TX do you go? I lived many years in NM and am familiar with TX.

outside voice said...

Oh, I can relate (spent the morning writing guiltily while Monkey played with his toys)...gah!

Court said...

Ack I miss you already!! Come back come back move to Texas!! I had so much fun and I can't wait to see those pictures of Kaiya with her new boyfriend!

bobeesah said...

@maria rose-we visited j's family in college station and then my favorite people in austin (my home away from home-sigh!)

@outside voice-and monkey lets you??? see, now I can't look at the computer for too long without D starting to curcle my legs.