Sunday, December 14, 2008

busy busy busy

If you don't hear from me in a week, please send search dogs, gorgeous firefighters, a basket of kittens, and some brownies. I have this huge paper I have to research and write. Am a huge nerd, as made obvious by the fact that I actually felt giddy for my time away yesterday to run around the library, pulling books off the shelves, taking notes and making blurry black and white copies. Am coming to some bad conclusions about the race situation here in Orange County, but shall push on before jumping on them.

ps. If I had time I would write about how D hurt his finger when I was away, giddy and studying away at the library, and then, according to Jim, walked around the apartment looking for me and then fell asleep. I would also write about how, upon awakening, he looked up and saw me and then looked down and touched his finger and then showed it to me. I kissed it and we talked about what had happened. That was all. Fingers all better now.


Maria Rose said...

What a sweet story.

PS I am a research nerd too!

Court said...

What a memory that guy has! I keep picturing it too, him pointing at his finger. Gosh I can't wait to meet him. WHEN ARE YOU COMING??! I'm going through eli withdrawel! I want to put you in my pocket (and D too) and take you everywhere with you. I won't let you go back! No!

bobeesah said...

maria rose-research nerds unite!

court-soooooon!! we'll be in austin dec. 29-jan. 1. and same here with K and you! Oi vey. Soooooo excited. :D

Maria Rose said...

Shall I send the search dogs....?

Merry Christmas.