Friday, September 5, 2008

can I eat cookies from here on out?

I can't cook. Not really. I can bake! Give me a spoon, some sugar, vanilla, and flour and I'll whip up something absolutely delicious. Give me a spatula, sauce pan and veggies? And I make something almost as horrible as the roasted veggie lasagna I made the other night. One bite and I had to throw it out. It was horrible. Mushy, oozy, not in a good melted cheese kind of way, horrible. I could blame the recipe, but I know that it's my fault. I looked at the eggplant funny. Hurt the zucchini's feelings. Added too much ricotta cheese. Damn you Joy of Cooking! You've never let me down before. Sigh.


le13anna said...

obviously, if we lived next door to each other I could do all the cooking and you could do all the bakin and we would all be fat and happy!

e said...

hehe-Oh My Goodness, that would be wonderful!