Friday, April 4, 2008

feed the Momma

There was so much time wasted today feeling horrible. It all started when I suggested we get waffles for breakfast and J countered with something about wanting to eat at home more often which spiraled me into feeling bad that I don't cook enough, bad wife that I am, and how dare I even think about waffles? Tasty, whip-cream topped waffles. So I didn't eat. The bebe was busy and fussy and wanted to play and then sleep and I focused on doing that and didn't eat for way beyond my Hungry time and straight into my Feed Me Now time. You know the feeling. The I'm cranky and You suck and why is the sun so LOUD and my head so DIZZY? feeling. Did we eat then? Nope. Went grocery shopping instead. Which is good, I guess, but I was so cranky and set on Getting Things Done that I forgot that I can't really think without food. So brainless and dizzy, baby sitting in the sling, we trudged through the grocery store and my poor, poor husband kept trying to gently nudge me towards the deli counter and the free samples there, but I kept quickly walking in the other direction because, well, of course, we needed the detergent and beef stock and graham crackers! Really, he should have just knocked me out with a large stick and forced me to march to the free and delicious samples. See? You could tell I was crazy because when would I normally turn down cut up, warm and gooey, cinnamon buns?
Never. That's when.

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le13anna said...

Mark and I had this moment today where I was sure he was grouchy and he was sure I was grouchy and we were both frusterated by each other's mood but sure that we were fine!
It was awsome.
Sometimes the communication lines just close!