Friday, March 14, 2008

my favorite mommy group

I just got home from my weekly Mommy Support Group-and can’t help but feel incredibly lucky and grateful that I have found them. Filled with love am I. I love going in there and seeing all the other rushed, worried, laid back, sweet, caring, and tired mommas. We sit around the room, chat, soothe babies, feed the babies, laugh and generally have a great time no matter how many babies are crying. Which is a lovely change from other times, other places, when you’re the only one with the crying baby. In the Mommy Group when the babies start to fuss it’s almost as if we hold our breaths, anxious to deal with them, make them stop, make them happy, anything to bring back the quiet. But then we realize that we’re in another space, a space where babies cry and instead of panicking and rushing to make things "better" we can all just relax, do as we do at home, slowly calm the fussy ones down and just TALK LOUDER over the noise until the little ones find peace.

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